Hashtag Trending – Twitter posts a profit; Samsung and Roku Smart TVs; Amazon whole foods groceries

Twitter posts a profit but struggles to attract new users, Samsung and Roku smart TVs are vulnerable to hacking, and Amazon starts delivering Whole Foods.

There’s a lot of chatter about Twitter’s first-ever recorded profit since the company went public in 2013. People on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are pointing to the company’s fourth quarter 2017 earnings of $732 million, while discussing its struggles to attract new users. The number of monthly active users on Twitter hovers around 330 million, the same figure that was recorded during the third quarter of 2017. Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO described the quarter as a “strong finish to the year.” Owned and operated advertising revenue also jumped seven per cent year-over-year. Twitter, let us edit our tweets, and your profits will soar even more, trust me.

Your Samsung and Roku Smart TV might not be so smart, and people on Facebook are spreading the word. Millions of smart TVs, specifically Samsung and other brands that use Roku TV Smart platforms, could be susceptible to hackers. While personal data isn’t at risk, researchers say the Roku devices, which have unsecured remote control APIs enabled by default, allow even the most-average hacker to change channels, crank the volume up or play offensive content remotely, from thousands of miles away. Samsung’s vulnerabilities can only be exploited if the user had previously used a remote control app on a mobile device that works with the TV, and then opened a dangerous webpage using that device. Samsung says it’s evaluating the issue.

Four cities in the U.S. are now able to get their groceries from Whole Foods grocery stores through Amazon’s delivery service. People on LinkedIn are excited about the online retail giant adding Whole Foods to its one and two-hour delivery option, Prime Now, in Austin, Dallas, Virginia Beach, and Cincinnati. Amazon has remained silent about how and when it will expand to other cities. Amazon finalized its $13.7 billion takeover of Whole Foods Market last August.

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