Techstars Toronto class of 2018 is transforming data sharing, digital identification, and more

Voice assistants barely existed a decade ago, but today they’re a $38 billion industry, and co-founder and CTO Sander Wubben (above), who hails from the Netherlands and calls his platform “the PhotoShop for voice design,” wants to help companies take advantage.

Simply put, has multiple conversational models built into its engine, allowing companies to easily integrate just about any service they can think of with Alexa, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, and Salesforce. One of its most prominent customers, Samsung, has already used the platform to reduce the development time of its Bixby voice assistant by 70 per cent.

Though it only opened for business in November, already has 4000 users, and has experienced 19 per cent monthly growth. Users can start with a freemium account, graduating to a monthly account with considerable technical support once their application becomes popular. Read more about it here.