Virtual StrongBox now has iron clad security

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to become a billion-dollar industry with as many as 31 billion connected devices in place by 2020. But as the installed base grows exponentially, the opportunity for bad actors to take advantage of the burgeoning number of new endpoints grows as well. The numbers have financial institutions on their guard with many seeking answers to the pressing question: “How do we keep an increasingly demanding, tech-savvy customer happy while ensuring airtight data security?”

High stakes
The boom in IoT devices is transforming how people work, and holds great promise for financial consumers and business customers. The rapid rise of machine-to-machine connectivity is driving banks to come up with progressively more rewarding and convenient customer experiences, including always-on access and new payment technologies. Unfortunately, there is a consequence attached to all this innovation. With each round of technological advances, businesses grow more concerned about such things as identity theft. However, technology is not going to retrograde, it’s only going to progress; that makes financial sector organizations’ job of shoring up their data security something that cannot be ignored or minimized.

Meet Virtual StrongBox
Virtual StrongBox was formed by a group of tech innovators with more than 175 combined years of experience in the financial sector. The kinds of clients Virtual StrongBox serves are in special need of solutions that help them ensure the security of customer data while at the same time empowering customers to do business when, where, and how they want.

Virtual StrongBox is ever mindful of the high stakes for its customers, and specifically of the need of financial industry players to strike that elusive balance between customer convenience and data security. Virtual StrongBox has always been attuned to the needs of its customers, many of whom struggle to fully apprehend the challenges and satisfy the demands on companies amid a digital revolution.

Virtual StrongBox works with TeraGo
Virtual StrongBox has always had specific needs when it comes to ensuring their customers’ critical data is protected, including but not limited to:

  • True end-to-end data security;
  • Full regulatory compliance;
  • Geo-diversity and redundancy for disaster recovery; and
  • Simultaneous backup with no downtime

Virtual StrongBox trusted TeraGo to create a hybrid IT solution that met virtually all its needs and deliver a VM-based cloud more secure than Virtual StrongBox’s on-premise solution. From the beginning, it was a great match between two companies that share the same passion for security. Virtual StrongBox President & CEO Ron Daly speaks highly of both TeraGo and VMWare, the latter of which is widely regarded as the leader in the virtualization marketplace. “These organizations are as committed as Virtual StrongBox is to ensuring safety and data privacy.”

TeraGo’s VM-based cloud has eased Virtual StrongBox’s infrastructure worries immensely, and TeraGo managed services has been a boon when it comes to Virtual StrongBox’s day-to-day management. Virtual StrongBox’s now more scalable and flexible system makes it better able to help clients bridge the gap between their legacy systems and the heavy demands and sky-high expectations of today’s tech-savvy customer.

To date, 270 financial institutions have integrated Virtual StrongBox into their offerings.

Find out more about how TeraGo helped Virtual StrongBox achieve iron-clad security by downloading “Cloud Solution Enables Security for Highly Regulated Industries” today.

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